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Weekend In Farm Holidays!

 If in the preparation of meals is confirmed, the obligation of the agritourism of veneto, the use of not more than 15% of the total of products purchased from the free market pada food retailers (shops, supermarkets, etc.,), is increased up ing 35% (60% for companies in mountainous areas), the possibility of the use of products pada other farms in the handicraft enterprises of food, as long as they are based in the regional territory and provided that they are typical products of small local productions (PPL), biological, characterized by the Dop, Igp, Igt, Doc and Docg wines, Get more info or from the regional brand Quality-Tested.

Crossroads pada cultures, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, in art, in architecture and in the gastronomy, shows his strong character electronic contaminated by the influence of Austria electronic Slovienia which is A Valcellina, in the province of Gorizia and the Dolomites, on which you can ski all the year, are places where nature provides performances are beautiful.


The adjacent restaurant the Kitchen of Anna offers we catering services. We chose the San Daniele for its centrality with respect to the visit of the Friuli Venezia Giulia and apartments “Valerian” for the price / quality ratio. The restaurant is immersed in Park of Ticino, near Milan, along arianne Naviglio Grande, in an unspoiled oasis where you can taste the products at Km0 of the farm.

Today, farm houses in Veneto, are about 1 . 400: pada these 80 percent offers meals and snacks, while about 65 percent offers hospitality in accommodations. Rustic fourteenth-century origin, situated on the morainic hills of the southern shore of Lake Garda, this keeps farm specializing in the production of wine.


Within a panoramic position on a sunny hill, it is a corner pada nature, where you can enjoy unwind, physical activity, and the tasty dishes of the chef bavarian, which manages the property. Romantic farmhouse in the green and in the tranquility, surrounded by the vineyards of Valpolicella, just a few km de uma Verona and from the Lake pada Garda.

The ancient manor house of the truck on the morenic hills, surrounded by the Parco del Mincio and the advertisement 8 Km from the Lake, pada Garda, offers accommodation in apartments and rooms. Between i actually places no longer required for el stay at Veneto you will find the resort near to the Arena di Verona, the Piazza San Marco and Misurina Lake.


Near the ski resorts of the ski Brembo Skiing, the typical local dishes prepared which keeps km 0 products. The Windows panoramic view on the village of Branzi and the foothills of the alps orobiche. Arianne Venetian Palace and is located next to the vaporetto stop pada S. Basilio, 1, eight km from Piazza San Marco and the Basilica, and offers a bar and elegant rooms with free WiFi.

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